Maintenance is very important

We Have a few before and after photos on services we have attended

It is important to have your equipment serviced, it works more effectively and also cuts power usage down.

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System not Working

These condensers were blocked solid the pumps inside were seized, we cleaned the outdoor units first and then the indoor system up and running after 2 days work.

Completed Work

After intense cleaning we fired the units up removed the rubbish and they started to work again.

One Year Service.

This was one of our regular customers who kept postponing the service date. When we got in 4 months later, the middle fan motor had failed and we had to collect a new one, more cost to the customer.

Part Complete

We cleaned the system and removed all 3 fans, ordered a replacement fan and built the system back up. Once the fan arrived we installed it and system was back at temp within the hour.

Why Service My Equipment

It is important to service your equipment it saves money and time and stops costly breakdowns.

What You Get

A thorough professional job using food safe chemicals.

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